The Community:

The ideation and creation of Artist Adda as a community was triggered by the realization of loneliness in urban society and the growing number of mental health and depression cases reported. The silence within a person can be deafening, and that is when we know how important it is to have people around us. In this terribly virtual world, real emotions and feelings are fast diminishing. People choose to look at their mobile phone screens rather than each other and while we agree that social media has been able to bring the world closer, it has taken away the human touch from the society. We are fast becoming a detached, indifferent and heartless bunch of humans who seem to be vaguely happy in our fake digital lives. Artist Adda aims to get back to the offline community mode and bring people together for an actual communication in the most basic human way - a heart to heart conversation.

The community is free for all to come and express themselves in whichever art form they would like- as passionate people or professionals. There is no charge to attend this monthly. While some of us sing, dance, read poetry or tell a story, we also have a magician duo who perform various tricks as a form of expression.

We aim to have one such community in every nook and corner of the country where everyone can have a space to express. have a conversation and feel the strength of the tribe next to us!