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Something that started as fun and entertainment by a lone woman at the beginning of this year, has now taken shape of a compassionate, empathetic, expressive and participatory community with the numbers growing with each passing day. Artist Adda was started as an informal gathering of artists from all genres, languages, forms and backgrounds. This was something that we all grew up attending - a Baithak of sorts where we enjoyed an evening of togetherness and shared our common interests with each other. Thankfully we found many more people on this journey who are also aiming to get back to the offline community mode and looking forward to actual communication in the most basic human way - a heart to heart conversation. In trying to keep the community participatory where everyone needs to be a part and not just a bystander, we urge everyone to open up and feel comfortable and confident enough to share his/her experiences. Members are free to perform or express themselves in any form they choose!

Starting out wasn’t easy. People thought it was just another whim of a menopausal woman dealing with the empty nest syndrome. The concept sounded nothing more than a food & drinks party that went on till the wee hours with occasional songs and poetry thrown in. It took us a while to make most of the attendees understand, what the idea was behind these gatherings. And slowly as the time passed and we diligently organised one adda after the other, on a monthly basis, it started taking shape of the vision I had in mind. Also, to invite strangers to your home was not easy and practical but at the same time the idea was to turn strangers into friends, community members and ultimately as extended families. So initially we would only have people through invites and references. Also made a clear and conscious decision of not having any religious or political discussions during the gatherings. We have a strict open door policy with no terms and conditions however, we do not accept and appreciate aggression or imposition of strong opinion of one community member on another. We are here for each other, to help and grow and evolve as individuals.

With this consistent growth, there are two verticals to Artist Adda now. One is the community- free for all to come and express themselves in whichever art form they would like- as passionate people or professionals. There is no charge to attend this gathering however we do seek venue spaces that can fit about 40 people and contributions towards Food & Beverages once a month

The second is the small scale indoor/outdoor events - by community members like Live Music, Slam poetry, Storytelling, Rhyming with Book reading, Stand-up comedy or a Magic/Illusion/Mentalism show. These are commercial events and the cost is based on venue, artists, TGA. The money earned from these events gets divided between the Artists and for the community to sustain and grow and invite more members.

We are also working towards becoming a space for performing artists from the deep interiors of India while retaining our tribe of like-minded, conscientious and compassionate people to encourage the model of art, music, culture and conversations flowing. With this, a little stream of success stories is constantly trickling in where members have picked up writing again or revived their interest in music and actually taken professional classes or simply expressed that they were able to share their most personal experiences because they felt such warmth and comfort with us, after attending the Adda.

The community is growing with the growing interest of woke and gorgeous people all around us and we, the core group members, are on top of the world. Help, offers, suggestions, ideas, honest opinions, and wishes filled with warmth and genuine affection are pouring in, indicating that we are on the right track. These are people who also feel the vacuum of a human connect in today’s online and digital life. There are virtual emoticons but a dearth of real emotions. We are ever so grateful for every heart and mind and soul and voice that is joining in.



  • Mayank Saxena: Bollywood Script/dialogue writer, poet, musician, activist, TV journalist.
  • Chetan Umre: Radio professional, guitarist, recordist, composer, songwriter.
  • Bhadra Sinha: Bharatnatyam Dancer
  • Gayathri Sharma: Bharatnatyam Dancer
  • Arun Sharma: Magician, Illusionist, Mentalist, Software Consultant.
  • Saiam Hasan: Singer, Poet, Radio Professional
  • Pankaj Parvez: Poet, Writer, Journalist.
  • Himanshu Kalia: Poet, Writer, Storyteller, Social Entrepreneur.
  • Bharati Panchal: Poet, Writer, Women’s Rights Activist.
  • Dhiraj Chauhan: Poet, Writer, TV Journalist.
  • Raz Dehalwi: Poet, Writer, Government official.
  • Shubha Saluja: Painter, Tattooist, Master Artist, Teacher.
  • Prasenjit Shyam: Painter, Designer, Teacher.
  • Sumit Mahor: Folk Artist, Sufi Singer.
  • Dr. Kusum Bhatt: Folk Artist, Classical Singer, Vocalist, Teacher.
  • Manu Pawar: Blogger, Satirist, Tabla Player, TV Journalist.


  • Raza Haider
  • Ritesh Sinha
  • Pradeep Singh
  • Ajeet Singh
  • Tanya Agarwal
  • Anupama Bose
  • Mohua Chinappa
  • Jyotika Grover
  • Priyanka Agarwal
  • Sangeeta Das
  • Ritu Khandurie

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